Welcome to the web-site of the Russian music publishing company Endless Winter! Our label deals with publishing and distribution of doom metal music.

The main goal of our label is to give a support and distribution to the bands and projects, which develop and create non-mainstream styles of music, related to Doom Metal. You can think about contemporary funeral doom metal bands, which are commonly projects of one or two persons and they are, ironically, not able to give a live performances, to earn the money for their future work. Moreover, they will have not a chance due to only the lack of distribution, caused by the impossibility of being heard. Of course, there are plenty of such kind projects with a different quality and level, but our main point is to choose and deliver diamonds to admirers of the style. We will be very pleased in any cooperation in trade and distribution with other messiahs of underground music, to give an opportunity to musicians and to their worshippers to hear each other.

The label was based on October 19, 2009, and the first album let out on January 1, 2010. In total so far there were 39 albums of musicians the different countries of the world, representing the different sides of such many-sided phenomenon, as doom metal.

In the summer of 2013 on the basis of the main label formed sub-label Visceral Laments, designed to release albums that are similar in style, but still non-doom metal.

We cooperate with many labels all over the world for distribute doom metal and other musical genres.

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Sept. 08 2017 From September 13 to October 1 the shop will work only for receive orders, shipping temporarily won't go.
Sept. 08 2017 On October 1 there will be two new albums, both Russian and both in Funeral doom metal style.

July 27 2017 The first album of Brazilian newcomer Aporya will be released in Aug. The album is published in partnership with Narcoleptica Productions.

May 13 2017 New CD of Mirror Morionis (RU) will released in Aug. This is a story about the pathways and it's interlacing, about how a person chooses his own lifeline and what he may come in the end.

May 3 2017 New CD of Bretus (Italy) will released in June. This is traditional doom metal with disturbing horror elements.

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