Two publishers - Endless Winter and GS Productions - prepared a wonderful New Year gift for their listeners: a reissue of the early records of the Decemberance from Greece, which is almost inaccessible as a CD at present time.

Songs from the first two demos will be merged into an album called The Demo Years 1998-2001, will have a new printing design and will be lightly remastering.

The full-length album Inside (2009) will be released in almost unchanged form. DVD which was included in the original release will not be reprinted because of the outdated format for our days.

Both records will go on sale 01/01/2018, the preliminary order starts on November 20 (for those who wants to get their hands on these publications "under the Christmas tree" on the day of release).

Aura Hiemis — Silentium Manium

Aura Hiemis

New Aura Hiemis will released Dec, 01.

Graveyard Of Souls — Mental Landscapes

Graveyard Of Souls

Diving in your inner ocean.

Emotions without words.

Memories without a past.

Hope without a future.

A time without time.

In your brain is destiny and this is your vehicle.

Direct to your subconscious.

A universal language, without words, without limits.

You decide where to travel.

Will begin on November 20th.

Cloud Fields

Shattered Sigh

Shattered Sigh

Endless Winter presents the debut album of Spanish band Shattered Sigh. The band was created with the intention to express crushing sadness and melancholy that invade our lives and atone for that inner emptiness, which floods, oppresses and leaves us breathless.

The album was recorded in the late 2016 and early 2017 at Axtudio, Barcelona. The difficult and tortuous recording, somewhat longer than expected, was finally completed with the joint effort of the band and Mr. Ax.

“Distances” is a journey through affliction and disappointment caused by human relationships. We are always surrounded by people - friends andacquaintances - and still the distances between us make us count on ourselves only. Disappointment, pain, rage, grief and a slight spark of hope are the main brushstrokes that you will find in Shattered Sigh's first full length album.

CD will be released on November, 1st.

Thou say goodbye

Suffer In Paradise

Suffer In Paradise

Earlier announced album Suffer In Paradise — Ephemere will release on October 1.

Nordlumo — Embraced By Eternal Night


A debut album of Nordlumo is being prepared for release. The project is based in Murmansk, Russia, and is represented by its sole participant known under the nickname 'Nordmad'.

The album “Embraced By Eternal Night” was published online and has been considerably transformed for the release. It has been practically re-recorded with participation of Catatonic Studio. Mastering and mixing of the album was made by Denis Ignatkin, design - by Roman 'Corvinus' Kamin.

The core of the album is formed by cold laid-back melodies with minimum voice parts, long guitar passages and atmospheric keyboard parties. Light ambient inserts adorn traditionally gravestone-heavy funeral doom, which makes the music more varied and allows the listener to enjoy deep feelings and emotions. Even though the album is quite long, it is rich in original melodies that will keep you fascinated. At the end of the album you will find a cover version of the famous song 'Weathered' by Colosseum, included as a tribute to the great band.

The CD will be released on October, 1st.


Aporya — Dead Men Do Not Suffer


The first album of Brazilian newcomer Aporya will be launched in the CIS countries. The 40 minute long recording is free-flowing, mature and well composed. It includes several musical genres. Some tracks would be a surprise to an unprepared listener. The backbone of the album is a powerful death doom with strikingly beautiful melodies adorned with long guitar solos and captivating keyboards performance.

The album is published in partnership with Narcoleptica Productions that will also issue the album on cassettes.

Little Child in the Grave

Mirror Morionis — Our Bereavement Season

Mirror Morionis

The new Mirror Morionis album is a story about the pathways and it's interlacing, about how a person chooses his own lifeline and what he may come in the end. “Our Bereavement Season” album is a musical canvas as long as journey between shores of life, in accompanied with the cold guitar sound and the lamentations of symphonic instruments.

Double CD in jewel case, of 106 min. length, will release in Aug.

When I am Dead

Bretus — ...from the Twilight Zone


A contract has been signed for publishing a new album of Bretus. This is a traditional doom/stoner doom metal project from Italy, founded in 2000. Their inspirations are: Old horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, mysticism and 70's music.

New CD “...from the Twilight Zone” chose for this concept album. This CD dedicated to authors of seven legendary terror tales. “...from the Twilight Zone” is a darker trip of Horror Doom music with heavy riffs, old-school groove and uses disturbing horror elements.

Album will released in June.

3. Old Dark House

Morphugoria — Resounding From The Obscurity


The musical project originated in 2013. During the long winter nights, the first songs were written and they came up with a title “Frost on Graves”. When the band had got together they played a live show in 2014, following which the roads of members of the band diverged, except two of them: the project's founder, known under the alias Maahzur Phalmorg, and the guitar player, Arkhatriis Metus. They went on working on the musical material, changed the name of the project and, in early 2017, recorded the “Resounding From The Obscurity” EP, at which the plot is based on the events that take place on planet Khorrendus. The Sleepers of the underworld kingdom Mohraang awoke, lusting for flesh and blood and caused the collapse of humanity. Once again the human race had been destroyed by inrush of dreadful monsters from the planet's depths, of whose existence only the remains of ancient ruins could hint.

EP in genre old school death doom metal will released May, 15.


Illimitable Dolor


Very strongly expected album “Illimitable Dolor” of the band of the same name went on sale. In lineup - participants of The Slow Death (without Mandy Andersen).

Mohraang — Underworld of Khorrendus


A contract for publishing a debut album of Mohraang, a drone/funeral doom metal project from the distant lands in the Russian Far East, has been signed. Mohraang project was created in 2014 by a person who bears the nickname Maahzur Phalmorg; until now it's music was self-published with extremely limited editions. Main idea of the project was to bring the fantasies sprung from the mind of its creator to life, not sticking to specific musical styles. Mohraang is a realm of beasts under the ground of a hostile planet titled Khorrendus. From the very first seconds of the album you are carried away to the cold and grim maze of underground tunnels with a corresponding musical background. Your consciousness, stripped away from your dead body, drifts into the unknown in pursuit of the things yet undiscovered.

For fans of Nortt, Catacombs, Mistress of the Dead.

Album will released 1st of May.


Decemberance — Conceiving Hell


Decemberance band from Athens, Greece is well established in the musical arena. This year the band celebrates it's 20th anniversary by releasing its second full-format album in its history. The album is titled Conceiving Hell.

The artists demonstrated their remarkable skills and talents in the recording that lasts over 70 minutes and presented their view on how modern death doom might look like. The four tracks are very varied and atmospheric; they convey the feelings of mass hatred, despair and madness. Powerful old school guitar passages alternate with delicate cello parts and the tempo changes from fast to funeral. Still, the most important feature of the album are melodies of exceptional beauty that will not leave anyone untouched.

The official release date is April 15th.


Graveyard Of Souls — Pequeños fragmentos de tiempo congelado

Graveyard Of Souls

Spanish duo Graveyard of Souls are presenting their fourth album.

In their new work, the masters of melodic death-doom metal continue in the direction, that they mastered with previous albums - a mid-tempo death-doom metal with crushing riffs and breathtakingly beautiful melodies. The sound of GoS is eerie and majestic, wandering and pleasant at the same time, luring the listener into the burial ground of their souls. Despite the fact, that all albums of GoS are similar like twins, their sound is interesting and pleasant.

The official release date is April 15th.


Suffer In Paradise — Ephemere

SIP Ephemere

While you were peacefully dreaming, mating and enjoying your life under the warm summer sun, the Beast was waiting for the hour. In the suffocating morning mist of the moist gullies and ravines, under the sunken roofs of abandoned hospitals and factories, in the pitch darkness of the caves it was growing fat and covering self with impenetrable scales preparing for one perfect day to ruin all your joys and pleasures. With a single stroke of its claws it will destroy all that is precious to you and what you dream of in your cozy shells of hopes. Because its name is The Time and we're just the miserable ephemeral plants under its steps. Even knowing that Lethe will drown us in its turbid waters, we can't resist it ...

The funeral orchestra from Voronezh SUFFER IN PARADISE comes back with the first sign of the upcoming second full-length album. Please welcome (or, you know, better hate it, because there are some other performers for the moms and grandmas) – EPHEMERE.

A.V. Grievous - Woeful Enchantments;

R. Pickman - Tragic Lutes;

D. Akron - Keys To Purgatory;

Z.T.S. - Serenades To The Dead.

Music: A.V. Grievous;

Lyrics: A.V. Grievous & D. Akron.

Recorded & Mixed @ Grampa's Lair and Pickmaland.

Mixing & Mastering by R. Pickman.

CD will release in this summer.

Download mp3


Nov. 09 2017 New Aura Hiemis will released Dec, 01.

Oct. 23 2017 The new, fifth album of Graveyard Of Souls, this time completely instrumental is announced. The release will take place on November 20th.

Oct. 12 2017 Debut of Shattered Sigh (Spain), death/doom metal, will be released on November, 1st. “Distances” is a journey through affliction and disappointment caused by human relationships. Disappointment, pain, rage, grief and a slight spark of hope are the main brushstrokes that you will find in Shattered Sigh's first full length album.

Sept. 08 2017 From September 13 to October 1 the shop will work only for receive orders, shipping temporarily won't go.
Sept. 08 2017 On October 1 there will be two new albums, both Russian and both in Funeral doom metal style.

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