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Only Doom Radio

Endless Winter presents a grand selection of the best works in the styles of death doom metal, funeral doom metal and some others. This is music that can accompany you always and everywhere, without causing discomfort, but only one pleasure. The collection of sound files mainly consists of products from our label, as well as some famous representatives of the classics of the genre.

ODR is an audio stream with a bitrate of 320 kbit and the highest possible quality (all files are encoded with the -q 0 switch). Works continuously. The stream transmits tags containing not only the titles, but also the album cover. Unfortunately, not all players can show the cover.

How to listen?

1. In the browser on the official ODR page

Stay on this page and continue listening (if you have already clicked on the Play ⏵).You should know, that if you click pause, your playback will fall behind the server stream, and track details in the player (they change in according to the received stream, that is, constantly) will not match audio. Therefore, after a long pause better to refresh the page.

2. In another browser

Open the server page at: and click on the link "Stream URL". The transmitted stream will open in the browser.

ODR server

3. Using a playlist file

Open the server page at: and click on the link "M3U". Download playlist file (usually downloaded files go to the "Downloads" folder). This file can be opened by any media player (Windows Media Player, AIMP, Winamp, VLC, MPC and others).

ODR server

4. Without a playlist, insert a link directly into the player

In AIMP open playlist, click (+), and then click URL, in the address field, insert [Copy to clipboard] and click OK. In others, the actions are similar (click Open URL or Open stream or something else, everywhere in different ways).


Email for feedback: info(no spam - change @ here)

Special thanks to: Selena, Rokana, J.H., Cynthia, John, Alex P., Andreas, András.


Feb 14 2022 New album pre-order completed successfully.

In Depths of Winter
May 10 2021 A new album by Дрём in the style of funeral doom metal went on sale.

Mar 30 2021 Published on Youtube one song from the upcoming Solemn Echoes album - “Into the Depths of Sorrow”, which will be released on May 1.

Solemn Echoes
Sep 27 2020 The physical release of Flesh Temple — "Lamentations" will be available around October 8-10.

Flesh Temple
Jul 15 2020 Launched a new release, expected by many, the second album of The Dead Sea, entitled "The Ceremony Of Marrying A Mummy".

The Dead Sea

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