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Here we offer distribution of music in doom metal style. The offer is valid when ordering not less 10 pieces of one title or 20 pieces of different titles.

EW-001Krief de SoliProcul Este, ProfaniFuneral Doom Metal2010CD jewel case4
EW-003Lethargy of DeathNecrologyFuneral Doom Metal2010CD jewel case4
EW-004Ego Depths / Dispersive LightFollow the Skua (Split)Funeral Doom Metal/Drone2010CD jewel case2
EW-006Lapsus DeiIn Our Sacred Places(EP)Death/Doom Metal2010CD jewel case2
EW-007Aura Hiemis / Ego Depths / SculptorSynthese Collectif The Dark WhormholesFuneral Doom Metal2011CD digi2
EW-008SymphonianIncarnation of RealityGothic Doom Metal2011CD jewel case4
EW-009EndimionCancion desde la voz primeraDeath/Doom Metal2011CD jewel case2
EW-010Dreams After DeathEmbraced by the LightFuneral Doom Metal2011CD jewel case4
EW-011Krief de SoliMunus solitudinisFuneral Doom Metal2012CD jewel case2
EW-014Aura HiemisfiVeDeath/Doom Metal2013CD jewel case4
EW-015Mirror MorionisEternal UnforgivenessAtmospheric Doom Metal2013CD jewel case4
EW-016SadaelDreamsDeath/Doom Metal2013CD jewel case2
EW-017TectumPath to EternityDark Doom Metal2013CD jewel case2
EW-020Without DreamsRejected by Angel, Betrayed by DemonFuneral Doom Metal2015CD jewel case2
EW-022Graveyard Of SoulsInfinitum NihilMelodic Death/Doom Metal2015CD jewel case4
EW-023Mirror MorionisLast Winter TollsAtmospheric Doom Metal2015CD jewel case4
EW-024Di MortalesDead PagesDeath/Doom Metal2015CD jewel case2
EW-025In OblivionIn Oblivion(EP)Funeral Doom Metal2015CD jewel case3
EW-027The Extinct Dreams / UnsavedMetamorphosis (Split)Post metal/Funeral Doom Metal2015CD jewel case4
EW-028Funerium Cultus Deorum Aliorum/Nihil in Omnino NusquamFuneral Doom Metal20162xCD digi6
EW-029Suffer In ParadiseThis Dead Is WorldFuneral Doom Metal2016CD jewel case4
EW-030NagaarumD.I.M.Black/Avant-garde Doom Metal2016CD jewel case4
EW-031Graveyard Of SoulsPequenos fragmentos de tiempo congeladoMelodic Death/Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-032DecemberanceConceiving HellDeath/Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-033MohraangUnderworld of KhorrendusFuneral Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-034MorphugoriaResounding From The Obscurity(EP)Death/Doom Metal2017CD jewel case3
EW-035Bretus...from the Twilight ZoneStoner Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-036Mirror MorionisOur Bereavement SeasonAtmospheric Doom Metal20172xCD jewel case5
EW-037AporyaDead Men Do Not SufferMelodic Death/Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-038NordlumoEmbraced By Eternal NightFuneral Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-039Suffer In ParadiseEphemereFuneral Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-040Shattered SighDistancesDeath/Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-041Aura HiemisSilentium ManiumDeath/Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-042Graveyard Of SoulsMental LandscapesInstrumental Doom Metal2017CD jewel case4
EW-044DecemberanceThe Demo Years 1998-2001Death/Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-045DecemberanceInsideDeath/Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-046PremaroneDas Volk der FreiheitStoner Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-047SuuMBuried into the GraveStoner Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-048Fretting ObscurityFlags in the dustFuneral Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-049Satori JunkThe Golden DwarfStoner Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-050Colossus MoroseSeclusionFuneral Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-051In OblivionMemories Engraved in StoneFuneral Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-052AbysskvltKhaogenesisFuneral Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-053OminationFollowers of the ApocalypseDeath/Doom Metal20182xCD jewel case5
EW-054FordomthI.N.D.N.S.L.E.Black Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-055Wolf CounselDestination VoidDoom Metal2019CD jewel case4
EW-056EirdRitualsAtmospheric Doom Metal2018CD digi5
EW-057Graveyard Of SoulsCenizasMelodic Death/Doom Metal2018CD jewel case4
EW-058OroDjupets kallSludge Doom Metal2019CD jewel case4
EW-059InframonolithiumThe LightlessFuneral Doom Metal2019CD jewel case4
EW-060Lost HoursTwo Masses to Celebrate the Vanity of the DivineFuneral Doom Metal2019CD jewel case4
EW-061Flesh TempleLamentationsDeath/Doom Metal2020CD jewel case3
EW-062The Dead SeaThe Ceremony Of Marrying A MummyMelodic Doom Metal2020CD jewel case4
EW-064Solemn EchoesInto The Depths Of SorrowFuneral Doom Metal2021CD jewel case4
EW-065Дрём4Funeral Doom Metal2021CD digipak 4-panel5
EW-066ÉlaÉlaDeath/Doom Metal2021CD jewel case4
VL-001Anagram to AnnaGod, Me & MonstersSymphonic metal2013CD jewel case4

Wholesale: 1 Tp = 1 USD


Feb 14 2022 New album pre-order completed successfully.

In Depths of Winter
May 10 2021 A new album by Дрём in the style of funeral doom metal went on sale.

Mar 30 2021 Published on Youtube one song from the upcoming Solemn Echoes album - “Into the Depths of Sorrow”, which will be released on May 1.

Solemn Echoes
Sep 27 2020 The physical release of Flesh Temple — "Lamentations" will be available around October 8-10.

Flesh Temple
Jul 15 2020 Launched a new release, expected by many, the second album of The Dead Sea, entitled "The Ceremony Of Marrying A Mummy".

The Dead Sea

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