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Sub-label Visceral Laments designed to release albums that are similar in style, but still non-doom metal. Formed in the summer of 2013.


anagram to anna (Ukraine)
God, Me & Monsters
Genre Symphonic Metal
Release date Sep 01, 2013
CD index VL-001
Print 500 copies


Anagram to Anna


Anagram to Anna “God, Me & Monsters”


Steven Cannon — Anagram to Anna (interview)

Mourning — Anagram to Anna “God, Me & Monsters”

Dominik Sonders — Anagram to Anna “God, Me & Monsters”

Luke Hayhurst — Anagram to Anna “God, Me & Monsters”

Steven Cannon — Anagram to Anna “God, Me & Monsters”


Jun 14 2019 Lost Hours from Atlanta, Georgia will be released Aug 15. This is album in funeral doom metal genre.

Lost Hours
Jun 12 2019 Inframonolithium “The Lightless” will be released July 20. This is raw uncompromising funeral doom from Belgium. Author - Stijn van Cauter.

Oct 15 2018 The album in atmospheric doom metal style Eirð "Rituals" will release on December 21.

Oct 14 2018 Fordomth band from Italy releases the debut full-format I.N.D.N.S.L.E. November 10.

Oct 03 2018 Omination — Followers of the Apocalypse this is a large epic piece in the death/doom style with progressive elements. The album will be released on October 10.

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