The Extinct Dreams / Unsaved “Metamorphosis”

Abysskvlt “Thanatochromia”

In Oblivion “In Oblivion”

Mirror Morionis “Last Winter Tolls”

Without Dreams “Rejected by Angel, Betrayed by Demon”

The Cold View “Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste”

Tectum “Path to Eternity”

Mirror Morionis “Eternal Unforgiveness”

Sadael “Dreams”

Aura Hiemis “fiVe”

Falling Leaves “Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun”

Ankhagram “Thoughts”

Krief de Soli “Munus Solitudinis”

Dreams After Death “Embraced by the Light”

Endimion “Canción Desde La Voz Primera”

Symphonian “Incarnation Of Reality”

“Synthèse Collectif — The Dark Whormholes”

Lapsus Dei “In Our Sacred Places”

AstorVoltaires “Katan Nagantü”

Ego Depths / Dispersive Light “Follow the Skua”

Lethargy of Death “Necrology”

Aura Hiemis “While the Rest of the World Sleep...”

Krief de Soli “Procul Este, Profani…”


Oct. 12 2017 Debut of Shattered Sigh (Spain), death/doom metal, will be released on November, 1st. “Distances” is a journey through affliction and disappointment caused by human relationships. Disappointment, pain, rage, grief and a slight spark of hope are the main brushstrokes that you will find in Shattered Sigh's first full length album.

Sept. 08 2017 From September 13 to October 1 the shop will work only for receive orders, shipping temporarily won't go.
Sept. 08 2017 On October 1 there will be two new albums, both Russian and both in Funeral doom metal style.

July 27 2017 The first album of Brazilian newcomer Aporya will be released in Aug. The album is published in partnership with Narcoleptica Productions.

May 13 2017 New CD of Mirror Morionis (RU) will released in Aug. This is a story about the pathways and it's interlacing, about how a person chooses his own lifeline and what he may come in the end.

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