Abysskvlt “Thanatochromia”

Ankhagram “Thoughts”

AstorVoltaires “Katan Nagantü”

Aura Hiemis “fiVe”

Aura Hiemis “Silentium Manium”

Aura Hiemis “While the Rest of the World Sleep...”

Bretus “...from the Twilight Zone”

Colossus Morose “Seclusion”

Dreams After Death “Embraced by the Light”

Ego Depths / Dispersive Light “Follow the Skua”

Endimion “Canción Desde La Voz Primera”

Falling Leaves “Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun”

In Oblivion “In Oblivion”

Krief de Soli “Munus Solitudinis”

Krief de Soli “Procul Este, Profani…”

Lapsus Dei “In Our Sacred Places”

Lethargy of Death “Necrology”

Mirror Morionis “Eternal Unforgiveness”

Mirror Morionis “Last Winter Tolls”

Mirror Morionis “Our Bereavement Season”

Nordlumo “Embraced By Eternal Night”

Premarone “Das Volk der Freiheit”

Sadael “Dreams”

Suffer In Paradise “This Dead Is World”

Suffer In Paradise “Ephemere”

Symphonian “Incarnation Of Reality”

“Synthèse Collectif — The Dark Whormholes”

Tectum “Path to Eternity”

The Cold View “Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste”

The Extinct Dreams / Unsaved “Metamorphosis”

Without Dreams “Rejected by Angel, Betrayed by Demon”


May 22 2018 Texas' In Oblivion have returned to present their debut full-length, "Memories Engraved in Stone", will released 07/01.

May 7 2018 Preliminary order of albums has begun, which will be released at the end of the month. These are two records in the style of funeral death/doom metal.

Apr. 18 2018 The Golden Dwarf is the second album from Satori Junk, Acid Horror Doom band from Milan, Italy. Release date: May, 10th 2018.

Feb. 08 2018 SuuM, Doom Metal from Rome (Italy), debuts with the first fulllength CD. Album will release on March, 10.

Dec. 15 2017 New album of Premarone (Italy) will released Jan, 20.

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